Thursday, March 3, 2011

Installing a Font


What good is a downloaded font if you don’t know how to install it? So here is a quick tutorial on how to add a font. Keep in mind I am working on a PC, so there may be variations on a mac {if this tutorial doesn’t work for your set-up, I’m sure there are others you could find by googling ‘installing a font’}.


Select the font you wish to download and click the download button.


Click OK to open with the default program.shot 4

It will automatically pop up. Now you need to export the file {extract}, so click on that button.

shot 5

You can decide where you want the font to open up {I chose my desktop} then click ok.

shot 1

When I go to my desktop, there it is.


Now open up your control panel, and then your font folder.

shot 2

Now drag and drop the new font into the font folder.

shot 3

Now you can use the font. I opened up a word document, selected the font tab and found my new font in the list.