Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY Baby Gift ~ Portable Growth Chart Kit FROM WHIPPERBERRY

DIY Baby Gift ~ Portable Growth Chart Kit FROM WHIPPERBERRY

Growth Chart 019 copy
I grew up with a Mom who religiously made those cute little tick marks inside a door frame every year to mark our growth.  Sadly when we moved we didn’t get to take the door frame with us.  Sooo, I thought I would make a growth chart for my kiddos that can stay on the wall or be tucked away and taken out on special occasions.  Here is what you need…
  • Jute Webbing {I got mine at Wal-Mart for $2.97 for 6 ft.}
  • Sharpie Marker & Sharpie Pen
  • Key Tags {you can find these at most office supply stores}
  • Large Safety Pins
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Stencil
  • 1 large grommet
I started by measuring the jute webbing and marking off for each foot…
WB 043 copy
I then marked off each inch…
GC 001

I made mine 6 ft. because I want to hopefully keep up the tradition through college for my little guy {that is if he will let me!} 
Won’t it be a fun gift to pass on to his wife when they start to have kiddos of their own. 
Anyway… once you have the tick marks all you have to do is use a stencil to stencil on the numbers.  I created mine using my Silhouette and some card stock.
WB 062 copy
Stencil on the numbers and your kiddos name…
WB 057 copy
Next using my grommet tool I added a grommet to the top…
WB 061 copy
Now, all you have to do is put together the kit for the gift.  I use key tags that you can buy at the office supply store to write all of the pertinent information on and then affix it to the chart with a large safety pin…
WB 053 copy
The nice thing about this is that you can roll it up and store it in the box when you don’t want to have it out and the pins and tags stay protected and in place.
WB 066 copy
For the gift, I found a fun box at Target and put together a little kit…
WB 079 copy
… with safety pins and tags tied up with some Divine Twine, it’s a perfect gift for a new mom!! 
What is your favorite new mom craft project?